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The Most Unconventional Online Betting Strategies


No matter your level of experience, there are some unconventional online betting strategies that can help you win big. Plus, they’re relatively straightforward to implement as well.

One of the most popular methods for making money is betting against the public on spreads and totals. This strategy takes advantage of sportsbooks’ need to adjust lines in order to accommodate the betting public.

1. Line shopping

Line shopping is an uncommon online betting strategy, yet it can have a major effect on a bettor’s bankroll. Similar to price shopping for groceries, electronics, or cars, line shopping involves comparing odds from different sportsbooks before placing your bet.

Although it can be a time-consuming task, every small edge can add up to substantial money in the long run. And it’s not uncommon for bettors to profit by finding better prices at their establishments.

When looking for NFL lines, the best time to shop is right after they are released and before kickoff. Additionally, many odds comparison websites update quickly with the most advantageous numbers on a given game.

It’s essential to comprehend the strategies of each sportsbook. Some will be quick to adjust their lines based on news or public betting trends, while others may take longer to adjust prices.

There are even odds aggregators, which allow bettors to view multiple odds from different books at once. Unfortunately, these may not always be the most precise or capable of displaying odds in real time.

Another disadvantage of line aggregators is that they do not display all types of bets, such as prop bets, alternative lines, and totals.

Therefore, bettors need to explore ways of leveraging other markets in order to maximize their profits. Market scanning is an ideal method for doing this and will open up a whole new world of opportunities for knowledgeable gamblers.

This strategy can also be beneficial when trying to avoid paying for excessive juice, which may be an issue with some online betting sites like 해외배팅사이트. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to find sportsbooks with reduced juice or clear lines.

2. Arbitrage

Arbitrage is one of the more unusual online betting strategies and an excellent way to increase your profits. It requires meticulous line shopping and the capacity for quick decision-making when an opportunity presents itself.

Arbitrage works by taking advantage of price discrepancies between bookmakers for the same asset. This can be done through risk arbitrage, retail arbitrage, and statistical arbitrage.

Sports betting refers to placing proportionate bets on all outcomes of a match with different bookmakers in order to guarantee yourself a profit, regardless of the result. For example, if you back the favorite to win at Bet365 and his opponent at 888sport, then your risk-free profit is 100% guaranteed!

Unfortunately, not all games offer arbitrage opportunities in legal books. To help you locate these games quickly and accurately, Labs Insiders offers our Markets Terminal so you can automatically detect games with legal bookmaker differences.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a substantial amount of money to make this strategy profitable. If all you can generate from an arb is only 1% or 10% profit, then it won’t be enough for it to be worthwhile.

It’s essential to note that arming is generally frowned upon by online bookmakers, but it could be worth your while if you can find enough opportunities. Another possibility would be using a peer-to-peer betting exchange (like Betfair) as your go-to place for arbs.

The only disadvantage to this strategy is that it requires a considerable amount of time and energy to identify opportunities. Additionally, maintaining consistent profits may prove challenging if you’re not quick enough to adjust according to changes in odds. Nonetheless, experienced sports bettors with plenty of spare time and in-depth knowledge of the market should give this approach a shot.

3. Negative progression system

If you enjoy playing casino games and are searching for ways to increase your winnings, the negative progression system might be of interest. This popular betting strategy has the potential to yield large sums of money when used correctly.

The negative progression system involves doubling your bet when you lose. It is a type of gambling strategy widely used by casino players around the globe.

Many people opt for this betting strategy as it gives them the chance to recover their losses. Furthermore, it can prevent a bad streak from ruining your bankroll.

Though it may be tempting to try the negative progression system when playing online casino games, be aware that this strategy can be very risky. It is not something you should take on if your budget is limited.

If your bankroll is on a losing streak, we recommend against using this system. It can be highly risky and could potentially ruin your finances if not used with caution.

A positive progression system, on the other hand, is a more conservative way of betting. It involves increasing your bet with each win and funding larger bets with a total of smaller wins. This strategy may feel natural to most players and is less likely to wipe out all your bankroll than its opposite counterpart – negative progression betting.

The Martingale system is the most popular negative progression betting method, which involves doubling your bet after each loss. This strategy has proved popular among gamblers and can be applied to most casino games. Other popular systems include Labouchere’s system and Fibonacci’s.

4. Parlay cards

Parlay cards are one of the more unique online betting strategies, as they allow bettors to leverage various odds and market combinations. By doing so, they can significantly increase the payout from a successful parlay.

The initial step in using this strategy is to search for the best line prices. Many bettors neglect this step because they don’t want to spend extra time on their wagers, but if you have patience, it could help you win more money.

Another critical element to take into account when placing a Parlay bet is the risk/reward ratio. This can vary significantly based on each pick’s odds and how many teams are included in the wager.

A three-team parlay with heavy favorites offers more potential payout than a four-team parlay with underdogs. In this example, the potential payout of the three-team parlay is $596 while that of the four-team parlay is $1230.

However, you should also be aware that parlays can be extremely tricky to hit. If one leg on your parlay fails, it could spell doom for the remainder of your card.

It’s wise to search for parlay cards that pay out one or for one instead of the standard 1-0 or 2-1, as this will maximize your winnings without spending too much money.

Sportsbooks often provide bettors with additional parlay-related options in addition to these odds. These may include same-game parlays (SGPs) and teasers, which allow gamblers to move the point spread in their favor. Although these might sound tempting, it’s usually not worth taking on such risks – in many cases, sportsbooks will even block such bets if you attempt them!

5. Trading

Trading is one of the more unusual online betting strategies and is typically only for experienced traders with a background in finance or economics. This method involves buying and selling securities within weeks, days, or even hours with the intention of profiting from short-term price movements.

Trader will closely monitor the market and enter their trades when they believe security has reached its breakout point. They also place buy and sell stops to limit risk, as well as entry and exit levels.

Trading differs from investing in that it requires a shorter time horizon and seeks to profit from both rising and falling asset prices. This strategy necessitates close monitoring of prices, with potentially massive losses if an investor makes an incorrect decision.

This strategy can be particularly successful in sports with high totals and teams that perform well at home. For instance, the Rams and Patriots in Super Bowl LIII were expected to put up big numbers at their stadium but ultimately fell short – leaving those who took an Under on either a live line of 44.5 points or lower, or an alternate line much lower, with substantial profits.

This strategy can be tailored to any sport and is ideal for anyone who enjoys betting on their favorite teams. While it may take some time, the process can also prove highly profitable when betting on your favorite team.

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